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SurveyYouth and Environment - Everyone

Total Respondents306

Question 1 Education Level

Question 2 Marital Status

Question 3 I am currently

Question 4 Annual gross income

Question 5 Ethnicity

Question 6 Sector you're currently in

Question 7 I am a member of an environmental organization

Question 8 Nationality

Question 9 My government is doing a good job in protecting the environment

Question 10 There are sufficient laws and enactments in my country to protect the environment

Question 11 There is sufficient law enforcement in my country to protect the environment

Question 12 There is sufficient national budget allocation for the protection of the environment

Question 13 Our governmental departments and building structures are environmentally clean and green

Question 14 Our ministers are concerned about environmental issues affecting our country

Question 15 Our roads and streets are clean and green

Question 16 Our roads and streets are free of pollution

Question 17 My government supports and encourages recycling activities

Question 18 The young people of my community are civic-conscious towards the environment

Question 19 The elderly people of my community are civic-conscious towards the environment

Question 20 The people of my community do not litter on streets

Question 21 The people of my community participate in keeping the environment clean

Question 22 The people in my community maintain a green garden and green landscape

Question 23 My community organizes get-together community cleanup projects from time to time

Question 24 My people will participate and contribute to environmental watchdog organizations when asked to

Question 25 The people of my community do not practise open burning

Question 26 I come from an education institution which supports environmental issues

Question 27 The schools in my country are environmentally clean and green

Question 28 My course has syllabuses that cover environmental issues

Question 29 I actively participate in one or more student societies that address environmental issues

Question 30 I believe that educational institutions should be vocal about environmental issues

Question 31 The organization I work/study in places emphasis on managing the environment

Question 32 The shopping malls and supermarkets in my country organize events relating to managing the environment

Question 33 The small business premises in my business community are environmentally clean

Question 34 The market place is one of the least clean places in my community

Question 35 My organization sets aside a budget to contribute to environmental issues annually

Question 36 I have a clean and green working environment in my workplace/learning institution

Question 37 The air quality in my country is in the range of good to excellent

Question 38 The rivers in my country are clean and not polluted

Question 39 The waste management (e.g. garbage disposal methods) in my country is efficient and effective

Question 40 The community and surroundings in my country have green landscapes

Question 41 My country has so many trees that there is no need to recycle paper

Question 42 My country is so large that any pollution we create is easily spread out and there is no concern to me

Question 43 My country has so much water that I do not see why people are worried about leaky pipes, flushing toilets and water wastage in car wash

Question 44 Recycling is too much of a hassle

Question 45 There is nothing much a person can do to help stop environmental pollution

Question 46 My country has so much electricity that we do not have to worry about conservation

Question 47 My country should impose penalties on those who contribute to damaging the environment

Question 48 I prefer to print/photocopy on both sides of the paper

Question 49 When I see someone dumping garbage or littering indiscriminately, I will walk up to him/her to tell him/her to be environmentally responsible

Question 50 When I see someone dumping garbage or littering indiscriminately, I will find ways and means to contact the relevant authorities to take action against the culprit

Question 51 I believe in using polysterine materials for food packaging

Question 52 I bring my own shopping bags whenever I go shopping

Question 53 I encourage my family members to reduce, reuse and recycle things whenever possible

Question 54 I switch off electrical appliances when they are not in use

Question 55 I switch off the power supply in my home completely for at least one hour to observe Earth Hour

Question 56 I use the bicycle as a form of transport for short trips around my neighbourhood whenever I can

Question 57 I switch off my car engine when I am waiting for someone in the car for more than 3 minutes

Question 58 I practise rain water harvesting in my home

Question 59 I participate in volunteering or community service on environment preservation during my time in school/college/university

Question 60 I participated in tree planting and other beautification programmes organized by my school/college/university

Question 61 I switch on two or more air conditioners daily in my home

Question 62 I prefer to repair faulty electrical appliances than to replace them with new ones

Question 63 I am willing to stop buying some products to save animals' lives

Question 64 I am not willing to contribute RM10 of my own money to help the environment

Question 65 I am prepared to car pool on a routine basis to reduce carbon emission

Question 66 I am not willing to separate my home trash for recycling

Question 67 I am willing to use use more energy saving electrical appliances to save energy

Question 68 I turn off the water while I wash my hands, to save water

Question 69 I turn off the water in the sink while I brush my teeth to conserve water

Question 70 I leave the refrigerator door open while I decide what to get from it

Question 71 I get upset when I think about companies testing products on animals

Question 72 I get upset when I think of the things people throw away that could be recycled

Question 73 It upsets me when I see people use too much water