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SurveyYouth and Volunteerism - Everyone

Total Respondents52

Question 1 Your ethnicity

Question 2 Your religious belief

Question 3 Your highest level of education is

Question 4 Your monthly salary / allowance

Question 5 Are you interested to volunteer your services for the community?

Question 6 If you have volunteered your services before, what are the factors that motivate you to become a volunteer?

Question 7 If you have not volunteered your services before, given a chance to volunteer, how would you like to volunteer?

Question 8 Read the statement below carefully, indicate which of the responses best represent your belief. There are no right or wrong answers.

Question 9 Will you involve yourself in a charity dinner that raises funds for volunteerism activities in a new village?

Question 10 Are you satisfied with the way your child is being taught at your local institution?

Question 11 If there was a way to improve / to add into the education of your local institution, what would it be?

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Question 12 If a campaign was to be held, what would you want the campaign to have?

Question 13 Should children be taught on how to learn better and more efficiently (in classroom, to learn technology better)

Question 14 Why is so?

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Question 15 Would you like to attend an environment themed “Volunteerism Campaign”?

Question 16 Please tick the area which would drive you most to attend an environment themed “Volunteerism Campaign”

Question 17 Do you think that environmental themed “Volunteerism Campaign” should be promoted more?

Question 18 What would you expect from an environment themed “Volunteerism Campaign”?

Question 19 What do you think of Greening Knowledge?

Question 20 What do you hope to learn from an environmental awareness activity?

Question 21 Do you practise recycling?

Question 22 Will you encourage others (e.g. family, friends, etc.) to participate in environmental activity?

Question 23 Would you pledge to be an organ donor?

Question 24 What are the organs that can be donated?

Question 25 What is the most common organ transplanation in Malaysia?

Question 26 If you have pledged as an organ donor, what is/are the factor(s) that influence you to become an organ donor?

Question 27 If you have not pledge as an organ donor, what is/are the factor(s) that stop you from becoming an organ donor?

Question 28 What have you done in improving your well-being?